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Spiral Galaxy Games Home Page

UK Games Expo 2018

We're coming to UK Games Expo 2018 and we can be found in Hall 1 on Stand ??? for the duration of the show.

We'll have a competition drop off during the show, leave a card with your local FLGS name and postcode together with your own name and contact details. At the end of the show we'll select a winner and the FLGS will be eligible for a prize when placing an order with us and we'll send you a selection of games as our appreciation for taking part.


We're active on Facebook and we'd love to interact with you there, our page is Spiral Galaxy Games


Social media includes 140 character Twitter and we've discovered one of our team can work that.


We love watching what you're playing and sharing a little of our lives with you on Instagram too.


Whether we're launching projects ourselves or backing other people, Kickstarter is a platform we can't ignore.