Spiral galaxy games are delighted to announce the up coming release of their new title: Bouquet (Working Title)

ReFloristation is a fast paced exciting business building game where the aim of the game is to make as much money as you can during a two week period of running your own Florist. Delivering bouquet's to the town members of Needza-Rangemont collecting new blooms from the flower market and even planting your own Flowers to fill the constant flow of orders. Add to that the problems of your idiosyncratic staff members and making sure that they use their talents to maximise your earnings and you have a fun engaging game using deck building drafting and decision making to progress.

The largest Florist in Needza-Rangemont has closed down after monopolizing the local trade for thirty years leaving a power vacumn in the blossoming business of Floral Postioning and inflorescence fulfilment. As a result a bunch of New Florists have sprung up in the town. In a few weeks the contracts for all of the local wedding, funeral and town services are up for bids. As one of these budding new Florists can you earn enough money to buy into this lucrative market? Can you complete your customers orders, collect enough fresh flowers from the market and even plant your own flower plants? At the same time can you manage the idiosyncratic staff and get your creations on the delivery van before the days end? Will you become the premier florist in Needza - Rangemont and start yourself on the path to the Florist's hall of fame and become the new King Pin of the Florist World?

The game takes place over a series of days, each day is split into two action periods “morning” and “afternoon”. Every four days (five days in 2-3 player games) players may recruit staff members to improve their florists ability to make money if they can afford it.

Each morning and afternoon phase each player performs one action. These actions allow the player to collect more flowers from the market, add orders to their order pads, plant flowers in their own nursery or deliver completed orders making as much money per order as they can, the player with the most money at the end of the game is the winner.

Every four days the players get to hire a member of staff if they wish to, the staff bend and twist the rules in ways to make the most out of your game strategy

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